Vicky Lopez
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Vital statistics
Name Vicky Lopez
Fullname Victoria Lopez
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Gender Female
Age 6
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
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Species Human
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Family Maggie Lopez(mom)

Jorge Lopez(dad)
Emily Lopez(sister)
Jorge Lopez Jr.(brother)

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Voice Actor Grey DeLisle

Victoria"Vicky"Lopez is a title character from an animated comedy horror macabre televison sitcom Suicide victim visited by death.she is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Vicky Lopez is the youngest child of Grim Jorge and Maggie Lopez, and the brother of Grim Jorge jr. and Emily.


Vicky is cute,bubbly,and ditzy and her father helps her with her psychic problems.


Vicky has long curly brown hair, bright green eyes, a pale complexion and sometimes wears dark clothes with roses.