The Lopez family is a fictional family from the animated television series Suicide Victim Visited by Death. The Lopezes are a ghoulish family consisting of the married couple Grim Jorge and Maggie, their three children Emily, Jorge Jr., and Vicky.

Main familyEdit

The show revolves around the adventures of the family of Grim Jorge Lopez, a short-tempered, but selfish, grim reaper. Grim Jorge is an Mexican American Catholic born in Mexico with a Hispanic accent. His wife Maggie is a stay-at-home mother and piano teacher, and has a Russian accent from being a member of the Romanov family of wealthy socialites. Grim and Maggie have three children:Emily, their teenage daughter, who is interested in Death and Macabre; Jorge Jr., their teenage son, who is cheerful, naive and, in many respects, a younger version of his father; and Vicky, their younger daughter of gyspies.

Grim JorgeEdit

Grim Jorge Lopez, voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. Grim Jorge is the father of the Lopez family, he is a stereotypical grim reaper. Head of the Lopez family is Mexican-American Catholic Grim Jorge, an skinny and pale skinned man who had short temper. He has other roots beside his Mexican ones, including African-American, French, Scottish and German.

Maggie LopezEdit

Maggie Lopez (née Romanov), voiced by Grey DeLisle. Maggie is the mother of the Lopez family.

Emily LopezEdit

EmeliaEmilyLopez, voiced by Tara Strong. Emily is a goth teenage girl who is enrolled at James Woods Regional High School. Her self-consciousness causes her to desperately try to be part of the cool crowd, but this only results in her getting coldly rebuffed by Lola Maretia,  the bullying head cheerleader of her school. She is interested in Death and Macabre.

Jorge Jr. LopezEdit

Jorge Jr. Lopez, voiced by Jason Ritter. Jorge Jr. is the teenage son of the family, who is Cheerful, naive and, in many respects, a younger version of his father. Though Jorge Jr. is not the brightest one in the family, he is particularly coherent and makes good points when talking about movies. Jorge deals with the problems that most pubescent boys face: acne, girls, and school. He is 15 years old and, like Emily, is enrolled at James Woods Regional High School.


VictoriaVickyLopez, voiced by Grey DeLisle. Vicky is the youngest Lopez member.