Chitty Chitty Death Bang" is the third episode of the first season of the animated comedy series Suicide Victim Visited by Death. The episode follows Grim Jorge after he tries to make amends for his daughter, Vicky's, first birthday party when She loses their reservation at a popular kids restaurant known as Cheesie Charlie's. Meanwhile,Emily becomes friends with an excitable girl named Barbera, who leads her to join a death cult, in an attempt to fit in.


Maggie has booked Cheesie Charlie's for Vicky's upcoming first birthday party and sends Grim Jorge along with Jorge Jr. to drop off the deposit check at the restaurant. However, once they arrive, Grim Jorge sports an attitude that causes the manager to give their reservation to someone else - a move Grim Jorge later realizes will infuriate Maggie. Meanwhile, Vicky misinterprets the meaning of her birthday and assumes that the same mysterious "Man in White" who delivered her as an infant will be returning to force Vicky back into Maggie's womb from which She escaped just one year ago. Emily angers all the way home to Grim Jorge from cheerleading practice, and has been having trouble fitting in at school. Later, she discovers a new friend named Barbera. Grim covers his mistake up by telling Maggie that they don't need to have Vicky's party at Cheesie Charlie's because they are Nazis who torture, kill and kidnap people. He pretends that he's already planned an extravagant party at home. Meanwhile, Vicky makes it all the way to the airport before deciding that he should face "The Man in White" after all.Grim tries desperately, but ultimately unsuccessfully, to put together a party in time for Vicky's birthday. He finally reroutes a circus into the Lopezes' backyard, saving the day - that is, until he reveals to Maggie that he gave Emily permission to go to a party at her friend's house.Maggie, who wanted the whole family together for Vicky's party, is upset with Grim for letting Emily go. What Grim and Maggie don't realize is that Emily's "party" is actually a cult meeting where all the members are about to commit group suicide.


  • This is the first episode Jorge R. Gutierrez's wife, Sandra Equinhua guest starred in the episode as the voice of


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